What is our specialty?

I’m often asked this question.  The only topic that we like to concentrate on is …
… really, really good photography.


So why hire a professional photographer?

Why not go with Uncle Bart’s free offer?

Here is an excerpt from the web site of the Professional Photographers of Canada:

A professional photographer:

  • adheres to a stringent code of ethics and standards.
  • constantly upgrades his/her skills through education seminars. conventions and regular print show competitions.
  • observes the highest standard of honesty in all transactions.
  • produces photographs of quality equal or superior to the samples he/she displays.
  • applies his/her best efforts towards providing the best possible photographic services.
  • maintains co-operation with fellow professional photographers by sharing knowledge to achieve and maintain the highest standard of quality.
  • performs to a high standard of conduct in accordance with the code of ethics.



Here are some of the areas where we can help you …..

Portraits Family: individuals, groups, special occasions.
Corporate: head shots, groups, events.
Fashion models, clothes, jewellery, accessories.
Can provide stylists to look after makeup, hair, wardrobe.
Corporate People, product, process, place.  Annual reports, promotion.
Retail, food & drink, advertising.
Investigative Documentation.
Architecture Retail, real estate, hospitality.
Heritage Buildings.
Special Events Fundraisers, parades, fairs, sports.
Mobile Event Tower.
Non-Profit Customised applications for non-profit or not-for-profit organizations.
Community & School: Camera Clubs, Mentoring.
Remembrance Images to remember those special people who leave us too suddenly.
Fine Art A limited selection of images available for purchase.
Other Services Preparation for your portrait or special event, Slide Shows, Music, Graphite Drawings, Ancestry Research

Please look inside Galleries for examples.
For a more detailed description of any category please call, or complete the inquiry form on the Contact page.


A note on pricing:

There is no standard, fixed, package price.  There are too many variables:

– time, location, size, complexity, circumstances, etc.

A no-charge consultation provides the opportunity to explore how we can creatively put together a proposal that will give you the very best value.